Investors Top 10

Username Last Deposit Date Total Deposits
ellyas_ashqar Nov-21-2020 09:44:37 PM $683541341.00
lord007 Nov-21-2020 09:42:45 PM $425529012.00
StandardPR Nov-21-2020 06:35:47 PM $270966950.00
MMG Nov-21-2020 09:43:13 PM $70197050.00
InveStar Nov-21-2020 09:43:38 PM $33183000.00
cash4u Nov-21-2020 06:30:19 PM $32654541.73
SIMoney Nov-21-2020 06:34:39 PM $4234650.00
Merna Nov-19-2020 11:12:35 PM $2718032.00
blueMu Nov-21-2020 01:48:28 PM $2008963.00
Hannah Nov-21-2020 06:33:02 PM $170000.00
Christopher Berentsen

First I want to thank you so much for all the incredible things you have done by making this wonderful system called FOREX SHARE! .....

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John Bass

I Joined the private 4xShare in February 2017 and now I'm banking almost $1700 a week. Let me tell you, it feels real good to.....

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